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Franchise District Prospect Survey

We have designed and created this prospect questionnaire to help us help you determine key factors in selecting the types of businesses you should consider as well as the recommendation of businesses that we might make to you.

Do not over - think the questions. If you agree with several answers to a particular question just choose the answer that you most agree with. There are no right or wrong answers. This is not graded; the questionnaire is the result of speaking with hundreds and thousands of candidates who have researched every kind of business imaginable.

 Circle or mark your choices and email to us at:-


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1. How would you fell about investing in a new franchise system - one that has been in existence one year or less?
That would not be a problem for me.
I would want to check it out more thoroughly than a concept that has been around a number of years.
I would prefer to invest in a company that has been franchising for five or more year.
I would not invest in a new concept.
2. Would you be concerned if there were already similar franchises in the area where you would be opening your business?
If I didn't feel the area was over - saturated then I would be OK with existing competitors.
I would want to be sure that the franchise I was considering has definite advantages for the long term.
I would prefer to invest in a franchise or concept that is new to my area.
I would view existing competitors as a definite negative.
3. Which of the following would be preferable to the others?
Food - Related
Senior Concept
Personal Services
Construction - Related
4. Which of the following would be preferable to me as an operator?
A business in which the customers come to my location because of advertising and marketing.
A business in which I prospect for clients and customers.
A combination in which I spend some time prospecting outside the physical location and some time working "inside"
5. How do I feel about having partners, friends or acquaintances as investors?
I think it is a good idea - having someone else to rely on for advice and / or funding.
I would consider it buy only after much consideration and a written partnership plan.
No partners for me.
6. Which of the following would I prefer if these were the only choices?
Business to Business Services
Technical or Computer Related
Consumer Durables
Medical or Health Related
7. I work best under the pressure of deadlines.
Yes, if I am the one imposing the deadline
Yes, if the deadlines are those imposed by my customers.
No, I prefer working on projects that are not pressured by a deadline.
8. If I do have others working with me in the business they will be:
None of the above
9. Which of the following is true about me.
I want my own business so I do not have a boss.
I want my own business so I can develop equity for retirement
I want my own business so I can earn what I am worth
I want my own business because I am fearful about the future of my job.
10. I am willing to work the following schedule in my own business.
Monday through Friday, regular business hours.
Saturdays are OK but no Sundays
Seven days a week are fine with me if I can get one day off some time.
I am willing to work every day without regard to days off.
11. I couldn't bear the though of owning a
Convenience Store
Restaurant of any kind.
Business involving 10 or more employees
Business in which I was required to go out and solicit customers
12. A motivation for me to own my own business would be
Status in the community and among friends
Ability to set my own schedule.
Freedom to take a vacation when I want to.
To develop personal skills that are not available in a job
13. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most true about me, I understand and enjoy technical aspects of a task or project_________________
14. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most true about me, I prefer a project that requires hours instead of minutes, or days instead of hours____________
15. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most true about me, I am extroverted rather that introverted_________.
16. I would (would not) feel comfortable using a portion of money I have set aside for retirement to fund purchase of a business or franchise. (circle your choice).
17. I would rely most on the choice of a business on:
Profit and loss statement of the business
Creation of a business plan that I was confident I could execute.
Advice of my accountant and / or attorney.
What my spouse and family members say.
18. I would most enjoy in my new business:
Working with my hands
Directing others as a manager
Selling a product or service to a client and then supervising its implementation
19. I would expect to own and operate a business for:
1 - 5 years.
6 - 10 years
More than 10 years
20. I would hope to exit my business by:
Passing it on to family members
Selling it for a profit and retiring
Selling it for a profit and starting or purchasing yet another business
Haven't thought that much about an exit plan.

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